Friday, February 6, 2009

6 February 2009

Started watching Lawrence of Arabia yesterday, another of my favorite classics. T.E. Lawrence had quite the reputation; he was the Carlos Sastre of camel riders! It is however, a long movie and the last two days my rides have been short so this could be the LoA week.
Almost 100 miles for Feb and not yet a full week into the month. Did 16+ yesterday and only 8+ today, but I have been working so, not alot of strength to go around. I worked last night and had to stay up late today so I could register for Mt. Mitchell. I am getting excited about this ride because it's going to be different this year, I am going to be ready. And, I will be on my NEW bike! I hope to pick it up next week and cannot wait. Till then, I am on the trainer (not that I mind).
Be blessed, be safe.

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