Sunday, February 20, 2011

20 February 2011

Wow, it's been a weird February. Been seeing temps in the 70's, some beautiful riding weather. So, starting to swap out those trainer miles for the real McCoy: road miles! Went out yesterday with the group at Dutch Fork and did 45 miles. Only problem was I paused my Garmin at one of the regroups and didn't start it back when we took off; lost the data for the best, fastest sustained speeds of the whole day. That's fine, I'll just go back when I can and ride it again.
It was nice to be outside. I've been able to go several times this month to the Lake Murray dam and do a circuit to Irmo, then Lexington, then back to the dam, even multiple laps on occasion. I am not as fast as I had hoped after working hard all winter, but I feel like my endurance has definitely improved. I am not flying up the hills, but I am able to maintain a steady pace up and over.
Gonna try to get to some real hills soon; want to ride out of Tryon, do White Oak and Saluda Grade as well as some others. Hills are hell, but they make a stronger cyclist which is what I need to be to go sub-9 hours for Mitchell this year.
I need to work on the long rides too, so I can keep my butt in the saddle for a long day. EMS Memorial Ride coming up in April, about 200 miles over 3 days, hope to partake in that fun feast.
Something big coming up in July that actually has nothing to do with cycling; 2011 Samoa Medical Missions trip. I went last year and had the best two weeks of my nursing career. I would like to go back this year but don't feel cleared to commit just yet. If I go, I'll need help with finances and I need to get some "housekeeping" items cleaned up. Say a little prayer for me, this is a big reason I went to nursing school, to be able to help folks.
Lot going on, lots to be done. Life is busy and I am glad that all the mental garbage I leave along the roadside is not actual, visible litter. Some drink, some dope, I ride. Good therapy!
Be blessed, be safe.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Different Kind of Century!

Sort of celebrating today, in a goofy sense of the word; I came home last night after a 12-hour shift at the ER and jumped on my bike and rode 30 minutes at 18.7mph. That was day 100 for me. I have ridden 100 consecutive days for at least 30 minutes, often more, just to see how long I could go. Since November 1st, I have ridden 1306.4 miles, and am somewhat conflicted about not actually riding today. Heck, I am off work today, why not? It's time to rest and recover. I am a journaling nut, I document every ride, and as I look back I see growth but I also see decline in certain ways. It's time to call it a day, take a week off, and come back focused. When I mount up next Tuesday, I will begin a regular regimen of intervals, one-legs, and hopefully one good long ride a week, as well as getting more daily rest and a better diet.
I have about five weeks to prepare for the "Marquis de Sade," one of the training rides in the hills, sponsored by the FreeWheeler's of Spartanburg. It's about 84 miles and roughly 8000 feet (I think) of climbing, and is the indicator of one's preparedness for Mt. Mitchell. Make it here, make it there.
I am excited about my cycling year to come, I know it will be even better than the last. Lots of great rides on the calendar this year. Y'all keep hammering and so will I, I'll catch you on the next long downhill; gravity favors the fatboy!
Be blessed, be safe.