Saturday, February 21, 2009

21 February 2009

This picture is actually on the Waccamaw River near Pawley's Island, but I put it here because I am about ready for some warmer weather. I took my new bike out for its maiden voyage today and loved it, but the air was cold (low-to-mid 50's). When I was in school and living part-time on the coast, I loved getting out and riding the Waccamaw Neck. Almost ALWAYS a wind blowing (usually in my face) but always a great ride.
Back to the present: today was the first day I could get out on my new bike. I have never ridden carbon fiber, but I could not believe how forgiving the ride can be. My aluminum with carbon fork would beat the daylights out of me, turning every molehill in the road into a mountain. This Specialized Roubaix with Zertz in the frame and seatpost absorbed SOOO much of the roughness of the road, I was amazed. I didn't really ride any faster, but I know I will be able to ride alot further now because of the much more comfortable ride. Also, I have outfitted my new ride with a Garmin Edge 705; this computer gives me so much information so I can train better and become more efficient. Mt. Mitchell is much smaller today!
Be blessed, be safe.

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