Monday, June 15, 2009

15 June 2009

Wow, the 2009 Tour de Cure this past Saturday went great! Didn't quite meet my goal for fundraising, but did better than last year AND rode 101 miles! It was hot, but I stayed hydrated and fueled up, and I never cramped thanks to some of the Hammer products I use when I am riding. This old, heavy Clydesdale passed a number of younger, faster riders that had to bail out because of muscle cramps and dehydration. Nutrition and hydration are too important to neglect when you're wanting to go the distance. I thank God for the strength to spin that long, it was a wonderful feeling to ride beneath that banner at the end to where my family was waiting to cheer me in. For me, victories are hollow without someone to share them with.
Someone else I shared a victory with was my friend, April. She rode her first TdC this year and did the 25 mile ride in an hour and a half; that's around 16mph average! And get this, she was on a rented bike, not one she was used to! She is shopping for a bike and this was in a sense a test ride for her. Very impressive! I am very proud of her and look forward to seeing her do the metric or even the century next year with her husband, Rob (hint, hint!).

So, I have sort of been recovering since then (had to work a 12 hour shift Sunday night, no rest there), and tomorrow it's time to get back on the bike. I'll head out at sunup and ride for an hour as hard as I can. I like to do the Gilbert loop once a week to try to pick up my speed. I can go the distance, now I want to go fast! Come go with me!

Be blessed, be safe!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 June 2009

Wow, hard to believe we're already more than a week into June. The older I get, the faster time flies, it seems.
May recap: 2009 AOMM behind me; DNF, but did WAY better than last year. But, in spite of getting all those miles in one day, I was unable to outdo last May's mileage. I think it's because I backed off the training the week leading up to it and then didn't feel like riding much the week after. Gotta do better this month.
I have managed to get in over 100 miles this month already, thanks in a large part to another 80-miler around Lake Murray. I enjoy this ride and want to do it weekly, but will not this week because of the Tour de Cure fundraiser on Saturday. I hope to make it my second century since I have taken up cycling. It is a fundraiser for the American Diabete Association to help fund research to prevent and cure diabetes, a very present malady in our world. If anyone would like to help, you may go to the following link and make a donation: (just copy and paste to your browser), and thank you very much!
Be blessed, be safe.