Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 February 2009

I am a little behind on my goal for the month. About 45 miles behind. I should be near to 450 miles, yet I am only at 400 miles, with just three days to catch up. So I watched another movie!I put the kids to bed and popped in "Batman Forever" with Val Kilmer and some other people. Some of my favorites, actually. I am a fan of both Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones (loved "The Fugitive" with him and Harrison Ford); O'Donnell and the Kidner chic, eh, not so much. Cheesy movies, but very entertaining. So, with only three days to go, I am trying to hit it hard. I will get out tomorrow on my Roubaix and get some road miles; that, I always look forward to. I will be at the beach some this weekend but will try to squeeze in some riding while I am there. I have to see my friends at Grand Strand Bicycles about some new shoes and road pedals. While I am certain I can pull this out and make my mileage goal, I will probably not make my weight loss goal of 10 pounds for the month of February. Maybe 6.5 pounds, which I am still happy about, but not 10. That's still 15 pounds since January 1, and I am proud of that. Between my weight loss and buying a lighter bike, at this point I am riding WITHOUT a 20-pound dumbbell on my back. That's good stuff! I still have another 80 days to prepare for Mt. Mitchell, so there is time to accomplish much. Perhaps I can shed another dumbbell and go up the hill a little faster. Hmm?
Be blessed, be safe.

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