Saturday, January 31, 2009

31 January 2009

Alllrightythen! Finished my month of pedaling with Jim Carrey in "The Cable Guy;" I am batting a big ZERO on the movies these days! Not your finest there Ace! It was early though and JC grew into quite the actor. I personally think this guy was born to play "The Grinch"!
So, how'd my month go? Well, I am glad you asked. I finished just a couple of strokes shy of 405 miles for the month, thank you very much. AND dropped six pounds along the way! So I celebrated with a perfect omelet!I like a couple of eggs post-ride to put some protein in the tank and this is the first time I got one to flip right. No fancy pan flipper thingee "as seen on TV," just a handy dandy spatula. And it tasted better than it looked!
Next month I want to be even more aggressive: I am aiming for 500 miles and 10 pounds. It is only 107 days until AOMM and I want to be ready. There are a few training rides planned by the Freewheelers of Spartanburg I will do and I hope to go to the upstate every chance I get to spend time climbing. Mitchell is no easy chore to be checked off a list. Got to prepare.
Be blessed, be safe.

Friday, January 30, 2009

30 January 2009

Today was my brother's birthday (the picture is of us at the start of AOMM last June) so I rode just enough to finish watching "National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets." That one was every bit as good as the first one. So, I knocked out twelve and a half miles and we went to lunch. I didn't eat too well, but I'll make up for it tomorrow. Just to chill out a little, I sat tonight and watched Mark Wahlberg in "Max Payne;" not Wahlberg's best work. I have enjoyed him in "Shooter," and other films, but he missed it on this one. Sorry dude. I just did the math and with one day left in January, it looks like I am just 15.04 miles shy of my 400-mile goal. I will get up tomorrow and take care of that with some to spare. I feel encouraged by doing so well this month I am raising the bar for next month: I am going to ride 500 miles in February! If I do 20 miles every day, I could theoretically reach 560 miles so this gives me a little "wiggle room" in case I should need a day off. Only 108 days left until the 2009 Assault on Mt. Mitchell. I WILL ride all the way to the top this year!
Be blessed, be safe.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

29 January 2009

Had to go rent "National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets" after watching part one and learning we didn't own the second one. Good stuff. Started watching it today as I rode 20 miles closer to the 400-mile mark. Rock on! Also, talked to Tim today about ordering my new bike: a 2009 Specialized Roubaix! Full carbon with decent hardware and about 10 pounds lighter than what I am currently riding. I am very excited and hope to take possession of it in a week or so. Woo Hoo!
Be blessed, be safe.

28 January 2009

I didn't ride today, just finished up six of seven nights in a row at work and had to wake up early so I am wiped out. I did ride nearly 18 miles yesterday and had started watching "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel, so I sat and watched the end of it today while supervising my little girl; she wanted to walk on the treadmill. I have to keep an eye on her because she is seven and will play with the controls and end up looking like George Jetson ("Jaaaaane! Stop this crazy thing!!!) I will definitely be back on point tomorrow, as I am way too close to 400 miles for the month and I want to blow it away!
Be blessed, be safe.

Monday, January 26, 2009

26 January 2009

"National Treasure" was one of this week's flicks at my extremely local bike track (my garage!). I like adventure and I like history, so this was spot on for a good movie. Think I'll watch the second one tomorrow.
Did another 17 miles today, well on my way to seeing 400 miles for the month. Started out by changing a tube though. I have read that a trainer is hard on tires but I experienced some integrity failure around the base of the stem of the tube. Perhaps for the same reason, the tire is in contact with a small-radius drum instead of a flat road surface. Anyhoo, it didn't stop me, just slowed me down.
Be blessed, be safe.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

24 January 2009

Spent the last two days on the bike/trainer watching Robin Hood, one of my all-time favorite movies. I first saw this movie in 1991 when it came out in a small theater in Nottingham, England. I was visiting with a friend of mine there and we spent three days looking at Nottingham, its castle, and Sherwood Forest. It's obvious that there is some element of truth to the legend, just how much is anyone's guess. But, his spirit lives on in the hearts of those with a desire to right wrongs and defend the weak. God bless them.
I rode 18 miles today, just enough to put me over the 300-mile mark for January. There's a whole week left and I am off work the last couple of days, so I may actually see 400 miles! I am feeling better, though my butt still hurts, but I think I will do well when I hit the streets.
Be blessed, be safe.

Friday, January 23, 2009

23 January 2009

Got my hour in on the bike today. Would have been longer, but I have to work tonight. Started watching Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," I have only seen this movie a dozen times or more. One of my favorites. Not much to report today, ready to get out on the road.
Be blessed, be safe.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 January 2009

Spent the last two days watching "The Count of Monte Christo," yet another of Dumas' novels put to the silver screen. Great picture, worth watching again.
Proud of the progress I am making. My miles are racking up (relatively speaking), and my weight is starting to come off. Thursday is my weigh-in day and I saw a reportable loss of four pounds this week. So, if I can keep pedaling, keep making good food choices, and keep moving in this direction, Mt. Mitchell is not so far away.
Be blessed, be safe.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 January 2009

Just got off the bike/trainer, cut it short today at only 17 miles; I have to work tonight. Tried to hit it hard, happy with the progress I am making. It all became a little more important today: my passcode to register for the 2009 Assault on Mt. Mitchell came in the mail. I shouldn't be this happy about subjecting myself to the rigors of such an undertaking but I am. Because this year, so help me God, I will pedal the entire distance from Spartanburg Auditorium to the top of that mountain.
Be blessed, be safe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 January 2009

Stayed with the whole "musketeer" thing tonight, rode to "The Man in the Iron Mask," from another novel by French author Alexandre Dumas. Heroes, villains, beautiful damsels; and an awesome storyline. Did another 25 miles and cannot wait for warmer weather so I can get outside (I don't like to ride in the cold, brrr). I think I'll be ready to hit the road when the opportunity presents itself.
Be blessed, be safe.

19 January 2009

Another good ride through the old garage, while watching "The Three Musketeers." I love a good movie, especially one in which good overcomes evil. Because that's me; trying to conquer the evil villain, "Huge Gut." It could be a long, drawn out battle, but I'll win. Eventually.
Be blessed, be safe.

Monday, January 19, 2009

18 January 2009

Well, BoB is finished. The war is over, America won, thanks to guys like the ones portrayed in the series. The government then was flawed too, but the cause was just and the soldiers were valiant. Just like today.
So I got another 25 miles down the "road" while finishing the series, now I am within sight of 200 miles for the month. The weight is not falling off just yet but I am working on it. I am happy with my progress because I am at least staying at it. I am turning the pedals, conditioning my body, and when I finally get outside, I know I'll see a huge difference. When you see me coming, just move to the right. I'll be gone quickly. :)
Be blessed, be safe!

Friday, January 16, 2009

16 January 2009

I am almost finished with BoB and it saddens me. As I have said before, I KNOW it's just a movie series, but I have grown attached to these guys. They give me a deeper appreciation for what happened back in the 1940's. In fact, just the other day I met an older gentleman that had been a Marine at Iwo Jima. After five or six days there, he was shot through both legs and had to be evacuated. He had just gotten out of the hospital thirty days or so before going to Iwo Jima; he had taken some shrapnel to the head. The enemy had tried to take this guy out and couldn't! He probably could have gone home after the first injury, but chose not to. THAT, people, is nobility!
Me? I am just trying to do what I do. I like to think, should the occasion ever present itself, I would rise to it. May God give me half the fortitude these guys had.
Back to the bike. Did another 25 miles today, brings me up to almost 160 miles for the month. I have another two weeks left and would like to hit 300 miles, we'll see. I still need to get radical with my dietary intake. Until I get that under control, I don't think I 'll see my desired progress. Anyway, I will stay at it.
Be blessed, be safe.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 January 2009

I got back on my bike today, just like my president's about to. I just wish I could ride with him. Credit where credit is due; the photo's from a Dallas news agency. I pulled it from another blog.
Back to the trainer today for 25 miles. I need to do that every day as I have not had a good week, weight-wise. I gained 3 instead of losing 2; wrong way man, wrong way! Miles look good though, on track to triple my mileage from January of last year.
Be blessed, be safe.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13 January 2009

No ride today, too wiped out from working the last couple of nights. Back on the machine tomorrow, fresh and ready! I am happy to say though, that my mileage is on track to double last year's for January. Already at over 108 and the month is not yet half over. Just need to keep riding and making good food choices. Moving in the right direction, toward my goal.
Be blessed, be safe.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 January 2009

Another day, another episode of BoB, another 15 miles. Life is good. This is a great series; I am getting attached to these guys and hate to see them injured/killed in battle. Yeah, I know it's a movie series, but it's based on true history. It's about guys who went over there, so the Nazi's wouldn't come over here. Kind of like today: our soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting terror there so we don't have to live under it here. God bless them and give them victory!
So, I pulled out another 15 miles today. I am telling you what, 15 on the trainer has GOT to be worth 30 in the street! That's tough stuff! There are NO hills to coast down, only hills to climb. Good fun, though. It's cold outside today, but it's 64 degrees in my garage! I'll have to kick it up next week though and start riding more. Only 128 days till the 2009 AOMM. Still trying to focus on weight loss till the end of February, then, "to the hills!" Good fun.
Go check out FatCyclist and his "shot blok" posts; hilarious!
Be blessed, be safe!

Friday, January 9, 2009

9 January 2009

I haven't ridden the last two days, but today I mounted up and rode farther, faster, maintained a lower heart rate, and burned more calories than any ride this year! (A whole NINE days!) Went 25 miles (never left the garage) and watched two episodes of BoB. I love having a trainer!
I posted my happy photo not just to scare anyone off, but to compare with what I look like when May rolls around and I am 35-40lbs. lighter. I carry quite a load when I pedal and it's got to go! I am rubbing the paint off of my top tube with my belly! Not to worry though, I am already showing progress. I haven't had any concentrated sweets this year (cutting out the sugar!) and trying to make better food choices. I know I need to allow for the occasional scheduled slip-up, but a can of Coke is probably the worst thing I have had thus far. Wish me well!
Be blessed, be safe!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 January 2009

Somehow, I am managing to stay out in front of this thing: eight days into the new year and I am a pound and a half ahead of my goal! Got on the scales when I got up today and weighed in at 270.5lbs. I know that's heavy, but that's actually down 10 pounds from Christmas Day so I am happy. I just have to keep going. My goal is to be down below 240lbs. by the time I do Mt. Mitchell on May 18.
I didn't make it to the trainer yesterday, don't know if I'll make it out there today. I want to get to where I am on it every day, but several 12-hour long night shifts can hinder that. If I don't make it out there tonight, I am definitely back to pedaling tomorrow!
Be blessed, be safe!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 January 2009

Another episode of BoB, another 15 miles. I am pretty happy with the fact that I have now ridden three days in a row, woo-hoo! Starting to see a pattern! That's what it will take to get my fat heiney up Mt. Mitchell. The pattern, I mean; 15 miles a day will never cut it. It was tough getting started today, for the first two miles my butt kept screaming at me for taking a month and a half off. I showed it; I sat there and kept pedaling until it shut up. So there.
Be blessed, be safe.

Monday, January 5, 2009

5 January 2009

I hopped back on the trainer today for another 15 miles. I want to get some good miles in regardless of what's going on outside, and I want to do way better than I did last January. But, it's easy to get bored on a trainer if the scenery never changes.
So, I have this box set of "Band of Brothers" I bought several years ago that I have never completely watched. Each episode is around an hour long (perfect!) and tells the story of men and women who quite literally saved the world and made it possible for me to have a garage attached to a decent home, where I could ride my bike and watch a movie.
These folks are heroes (I reserve the title "Savior" for One alone) to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude. I am grateful. And as I train, sweat, hurt, and complain, I'll try to remember the images of these guys training, and what they were training for; and I'll shut my hole and keep pedaling.
Be blessed, be safe.

4 January 2009

Made a great compromise tonight; I set my laptop in front of my bike/trainer and I got to ride while watching "X-Men 2" with my son. I couldn't ride the whole movie, been off the bike too long. But, I spun for an hour and then sat with the boy and enjoyed the rest of the flick. Managed to push out 15 miles and had a good time doing it. I want to spend a lot more time on my trainer, so I just may get to see a few more movies; ah, the art of multi-tasking!
Be blessed, be safe!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2 January 2009

I read several biking blogs, most of which inspire and shame me all at the same time. One which I read, at , is a young lady in Alaska, who is tougher than nails! While not daring to dream of some of the extemes she has endured (check her out!) she is one of several biker/bloggers to track her mileage. Therefore, I shall publish my (piddly) mileage for 2008, with the goal of totally blowing them away in 2009!

January 104.11
February 101.04
March 44.21
April 342.38
May 325.37
June 451.51
July 301.75
August 178.03
September 187.43
October 82.46
November 32.67
December 22.87
Total 2173.93 miles for 2008.

In my defense, I spent the first several months of '08 trying to finish nursing school (graduated May!), passing NCLEX (successful, 1st try, June!), and orienting to my new job as an Emergency Nurse at the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the Midlands of SC (finished middle of November!); so, I have been busy. But, now that all this trivial nonsense :) is out of the way, I am ready to ride!
Be blessed, be safe.

Happy New Year!

Hey, the New Year is here and it's time to start fresh! I have been planning on this and you know what happens when you plan? Something else happens! I got my trainer for Christmas (sweet!), worked all night New Year's Eve, then woke up sick! So, no ride on NY Day :( .
I did, however, make my weight goal for NYD, how about that? I actually managed to DROP a few pounds over Christmas. Yeah, I don't believe it either, but it's true. So, I am starting my year at goal, with the plan to focus on weight loss through January and February, and then in March I will head for the hills! I want to lose 35 pounds by May 18 and finish the 2009 Assault on Mt. Mitchell in 10 hours or less.
All I have to do now is recover from this bug I have and get some strength for pedaling. It'll come.
Be blessed, be safe!