Monday, March 2, 2009

28 February 2009

After spending the night hoping the rain would move on through and not cancel the Saturday shop ride at Grand Strand Bicycles, I dodged the bullet, at least for a little while. It was cloudy and cool, but I left the beachhouse at a few minutes past 7am and rode the ten miles to the shop. I had checked the shop's phone tree at 6:30, before Tim could change the message at 6:35 that the ride had been cancelled. Oh well, three other guys showed up and we had ourselves a bike ride in some iffy weather.
We did 25 miles around the Murrells Inlet area, and they hammered. I love a group ride, but it always exposes the weakness of riding alone. I get content riding alone and I don't quite hit it as hard. It was all I could do to keep these guys in sight and even had to grab a wheel when it was offered to me, so I wouldn't get dropped. I was pulled in by a guy 18 years my senior. No shame though, only pride. Proud that I am improving and becoming a better rider, and proud of this man who is not content to sit down throughout his later years. He is another awesome example to me.
We made it back to the shop just before the rain came back. Couple of Gu's, some coffee, and a little while hanging out with friends (old and new) and I was ready to head back to the beachhouse; I had painting and repairs to do. My ride home in the rain was without complaint, I could not have imagined a better way to spend my Saturday morning.
There was one disappointment, however: I fell short of my February goal by ten miles. I can handle that, though, because I had ridden 490 miles in February. I lost a few pounds but not the ten pounds I wanted to. That's okay too, I'll keep trying. I have an awesome new bike, some nice new road shoes, and Spring is just around the corner. I'll be just fine.
Be blessed, be safe. Tim, Mary, and Fallon in front of the shop. I snagged this pic from their website; I hope y'all don't mind, Tim, I'm blessed to call y'all friends!

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