Tuesday, March 24, 2009

23 March 2009

Wow, Saturday's ride in the mountains was such a butt-kicker I thought it'd be a while before I wanted to get back on the bike; not so. Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I jumped on my off-road bike, which I mounted street tires on, and just tooled around a couple of close neighborhoods, a little over six miles and nearly an hour to do it. Just wanted to loosen up the old engines. Felt good.
That set me up today to attempt a metric century (100k = 63 miles). I was ready to go. I am taking a little more of a scientific approach to all this, calculating how many calories I'll need, and figuring out hydration/nutrition, etc., etc., etc. I mixed up my bottles and my gels and got the car loaded, but got a late start due to some unforeseen circumstances at the house. Finally got on the bike about 4pm, and off I went.
I live in a beautiful part of South Carolina; Lexington is big enough to have all you need, close enough to Columbia for those times that it doesn't, and it doesn't take long to "go rural." Farmland and forests are close enough that you can be there in a few minutes. There's climbing to be done, but not mountainous. Just rolling hills with the occasional flat stretch, where you can hammer your heart out and forget that you're not the breakaway and Lance and the others are far behind you. In the two short years I have been roadcycling, I have left much unseen litter along the highways; cobwebs, stressors, worries, all fall off when I am out there, and die a lonely death in the ditches. RIP.
I ran out of time and could not finish my metric before the sun started sinking so I called it a day, a good day, and headed home. Ended up with 43.6 miles, tired but satisfied. I was happy to get home, where my family is always waiting for me. Dinner was on the stove (spaghetti and meatballs!), and soon my behind was in my chair, relaxing. My family is a huge support to me, a big encouragement. They put up with me being gone on my bike, not all the time, just at some inconvenient times, and cheer me on. They know this is all and investment in my health and well-being.
The Assault on Mt. Mitchell is a mere 55 days away, so it's important that I ride, a lot. If I had to do it today, I don't think I could. So I am glad I don't have to. The climbing I did on Saturday, I will have to do again for Mitchell, but AFTER I have ridden nearly 75 miles. It is tough, but very satisfying. Less than a month after Mitchell, I will ride in the Tour de Cure, not a race, but a ride to raise awareness and funds for diabetes research. It'll be a metric in the Dutch Fork area, near Chapin, SC. I have a website for that which I am updating and will write more about it later.
Did I mention I was at my doctor's today? Turns out I have bronchitis. He checked me out, prescribed antibiotics, and off I went to Publix' pharmacy. Left there and went home to prep for my ride; don't let anything get between you and your goals except God, who knows way more than we do and loves us beyond reason. If He is between you and your goal, question the goal, not God.
Be blessed, be safe.

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