Friday, March 27, 2009

27 March 2009

If I am not careful, I could fall short of this month's mileage goal. I am currently 146.76 miles shy of my 510 mile goal, with only four days left in the month. Looks like rain tomorrow (Saturday), becoming nice and sunny on Sunday but really windy. I guess wind just helps the workout, right?
Knocked out a few miles on the trainer today, nearly 25, while watching Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black." I like these guys and it's an entertaining flick, so pedaling for an hour and a half wasn't too bad.
Talked with my brother today and got some good ideas for some hardware changes for my bike. See, this past Saturday when we were riding in the mountains, I did not have any kind of a low gear where I could keep a decent cadence. I was pedaling in the 40-50 rpm range and could not find my rhythm. I am a heavy guy and I am trying to lose weight (and slowly succeeding) but best case scenario says I will still be well over 200 pounds in May for the Assault. So, while I continue to seek to lose the lard, I need to think about bike mods in order to climb the hills to Mt. Mitchell. Currently, my large sprocket on the rear cassette is a 27 and the small chainring is a 30; I don't know if I can find a larger sprocket that will not max out the reach of the rear derailleur, like the 30 I have on my old 9-speed. We are thinking perhaps I can go with smaller chainrings to give me a better gear combination. I'll talk to my personal expert and see what I can work out. No matter what happens, I will get to the top.
Be blessed, be safe.

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