Friday, January 9, 2009

9 January 2009

I haven't ridden the last two days, but today I mounted up and rode farther, faster, maintained a lower heart rate, and burned more calories than any ride this year! (A whole NINE days!) Went 25 miles (never left the garage) and watched two episodes of BoB. I love having a trainer!
I posted my happy photo not just to scare anyone off, but to compare with what I look like when May rolls around and I am 35-40lbs. lighter. I carry quite a load when I pedal and it's got to go! I am rubbing the paint off of my top tube with my belly! Not to worry though, I am already showing progress. I haven't had any concentrated sweets this year (cutting out the sugar!) and trying to make better food choices. I know I need to allow for the occasional scheduled slip-up, but a can of Coke is probably the worst thing I have had thus far. Wish me well!
Be blessed, be safe!

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