Friday, January 2, 2009

2 January 2009

I read several biking blogs, most of which inspire and shame me all at the same time. One which I read, at , is a young lady in Alaska, who is tougher than nails! While not daring to dream of some of the extemes she has endured (check her out!) she is one of several biker/bloggers to track her mileage. Therefore, I shall publish my (piddly) mileage for 2008, with the goal of totally blowing them away in 2009!

January 104.11
February 101.04
March 44.21
April 342.38
May 325.37
June 451.51
July 301.75
August 178.03
September 187.43
October 82.46
November 32.67
December 22.87
Total 2173.93 miles for 2008.

In my defense, I spent the first several months of '08 trying to finish nursing school (graduated May!), passing NCLEX (successful, 1st try, June!), and orienting to my new job as an Emergency Nurse at the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the Midlands of SC (finished middle of November!); so, I have been busy. But, now that all this trivial nonsense :) is out of the way, I am ready to ride!
Be blessed, be safe.

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