Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 January 2009

Another day, another episode of BoB, another 15 miles. Life is good. This is a great series; I am getting attached to these guys and hate to see them injured/killed in battle. Yeah, I know it's a movie series, but it's based on true history. It's about guys who went over there, so the Nazi's wouldn't come over here. Kind of like today: our soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting terror there so we don't have to live under it here. God bless them and give them victory!
So, I pulled out another 15 miles today. I am telling you what, 15 on the trainer has GOT to be worth 30 in the street! That's tough stuff! There are NO hills to coast down, only hills to climb. Good fun, though. It's cold outside today, but it's 64 degrees in my garage! I'll have to kick it up next week though and start riding more. Only 128 days till the 2009 AOMM. Still trying to focus on weight loss till the end of February, then, "to the hills!" Good fun.
Go check out FatCyclist and his "shot blok" posts; hilarious!
Be blessed, be safe!

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