Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 April 2011

"After the Bridge Run Century"
Left home early this a.m. to go to Charleston for the ABRC, and had a ball! Rolled out at 0800 in sunny and beautiful 45-degree weather, with the goal of just doing a flat century to get some good saddle-time. Other than missing a turn and having to double-back to make up miles, it was a great day riding through some picturesque backcountry.
Funny thing though: we got back to the start, enjoyed some awesome Sticky Fingers BBQ, drove for two-and-a-half hours to get home, THEN, when I get out of my car, CRAMPS!! I don't get it; You think things would have begun to normalize at that point. Any ideas?
Another nice thing about today: it's cool to drive that far for a bike ride and run into a bunch of familiar faces. Apparently, many folks thought it was a great day for a coastal cruise.
Back home now, with lots of work to be done. I have got to continue working hard on me to prepare for Mt. Mitchell, and my bike needs a new crank. We're thinking that pedal extenders (Q-factor) may not be a good thing; I am a Clydesdale and this situation may be putting some torsion on my crank arms which was not designed to be so. All good, we'll have a new one on board this week and try to get a few miles in before the EMS Memorial Ride to Myrtle Beach in a week-and-a-half.
Hope y'all enjoyed your day as much as I did.
Be blessed, be safe.


Kathrin said...

Sounds like you had a good ride out there.... About the cramping... I can only imagine, that the immobility in the car on your drive back might have triggered the cramps. Also, you mentioned that you ate something, but what did you drink???

Aaron said...

Good ride. I saw you come in. Looked like you kept a good pace. I've experienced those belated cramps before. I think it happens sometimes when the muscles cool down.

Mike said...

I think you both have good points- immobility and cooling down. I did drink plenty after the ride, and probably ten bottles during the ride. Probably should have stopped a time or two and stretched out on the way home.