Sunday, April 10, 2011

9/10 April 2011

Saturday- had a great 40-miler, just waited too late to get started; got hot early! Summer's coming to South Carolina and, of course, it's gonna be hot! Still, had a pleasant ride through Lexington County with no problems to report.
Sunday- up early to get in a 2-hour "out-n-back" before church, and it's a good morning for it; upper 60's with a wet fog hanging about. Felt great until I hit the trash in the bike lane and destroyed my rear tire. Managed to fix it with a new tube and a dollar bill, at least well enough to get home on. Will have to dig up a new tire today.
Not a real fan of bike lanes. I mean, it's a great idea, but one that needs to be maintained. Unless the lanes are swept on ocassion, they just become pits of debris, defeating the purpose for having a bike lane. Political folks need to keep this in mind, because down the road budgets will get cut and not many will see bike lanes/maintenance of as a priority. Non-cyclists don't get this. They see the cyclist and the bike lane and become irate at the cyclist who will not ride in the bike lane, not knowing why. Anyway, enough soapbox; I'll just ride roads without the lanes.
Be blessed, be safe.


Aaron said...

I am completely with you on the bike lane debris. Sometimes I ride on a local route where there are bike lanes (Trenholm Rd.) and they are always a mess. I learned the hard way after two flat tires to stay in the lane. I have noticed a lot nicer bike lanes in cities that have better politics towards cycling.

Kathrin said...

Glad, that it was "just" a flat and not a fall with the junk in bike lanes and shoulders sometimes.

Kathrin said...

My coach is organizing a Mitchell training ride this Sunday (4/17) and has two spots left. If you and/or your brother are interested in joining, please shoot me a message.

The group leaves Landrum SC at 7AM and will get dropped off at mile 25 on the Mitchell course and on the bike by 8AM.

We have a private sag (15 passenger van with bike racks) that will follow us and pick us up at the top of Mitchell and return us to Landrum. Cost is somewhere in the $40-50 it just depends on how many people we get together.