Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6 April 2011

Hey, who don't like new stuff?! Picked my pony up from the shop today, had this new crank put in, and just had to go for a test drive this afternoon. The old one was showing a significant amount of wear on the teeth, and I think I had (over time) damaged the spindle/splines with the 20mm pedal extenders I have been sporting for the last year. It appears an increased Q-factor places a torsion on the crank arms which they were not designed for. Now, it looks like, "problem solved!"
So, went out and laid it down for 27+ miles and all is well with the world, or at least with my Roubaix. I love this bike and riding it is pure pleasure. Except in the mountains, yeah, that's not pleasure. Trying to increase the lengths of my rides in preparation for AOMM so hopefully Saturday I'll do a metric, bare minimum. Weather is getting better, and able to get out earlier in the morning when temps cooperate. Awesome!
Enjoy your riding, hit your goals, and get home in one piece.
Be blessed, be safe.

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