Friday, April 22, 2011

22 April 2011

Went to Dreher Island this morning hoping to get some miles in with some friends, but the weather had other ideas. Now, I don't mind getting caught in the rain, but rare is the day I'll head out in it. Back to the house.
I still needed to get some riding in, Mt. Mitchell is in 24 days, and I was already dressed for it, so I grabbed a movie and headed for the garage. My mountain bike was in the trainer and "Bullitt" was in the DVD. I don't know that I have ever seen this flick, but I like ole Steve McQueen (ever see him in "The Great Escape?") and it turns out, the car chase here kind of set the standard for car chases in film. He's in his green Mustang chasing a black Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco, flying over hills and sliding around curves and corners; watching this while pedaling had the craziest effect on my equilibrium. Man, I felt like I was on one of those simulator rides at Disney. You should try it, but don't let go of the handlebars, it'll mess with ya!
If you get Versus Channel, don't forget this Saturday is Fleche Wallone at 4pm and on Sunday is Liege-Bastogne-Liege at 6pm. If you can't get out and ride, kick back and watch the pros ride.
Be blessed, be safe. And Happy Easter to you! The "Jesus rose from the dead to provide salvation to us all" Easter, not the "bunnies and chocolate Easter, ya know?

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Kathrin said...

Happy Easter to you too. I hope you got to spend some good family time.

The countdown for Mitchell is ON! ;-) I'll be working the package pick-up again, so I might see you there.