Friday, August 20, 2010

20 August 2010

My work week is over so back to the bike!
School's back in, so it's not so safe to be out as early as I like; too many frenzied parents running around trying to get the kiddo's to school and then get to work. I am a parent, but I refuse to be frenzied. Look, just go to bed a few minutes earlier so you can get up earlier, and then you have time for everything you need to do without killing anyone in your morning rush.
All that leaves me getting on the road about 0830 instead of 0630, and I have to miss out on the coolest part of the day. Oh well, since school's back in and the days are getting shorter, the whole day will soon be getting cooler.
Parked at the dam and left about 0830 and rode toward Irmo; looped around Weed Rd. and #6 and went back across the dam to ride my sort of usual route following (as best as I can) the shoreline of the lake. It's a great ride, rarely flat, so I get in a decent amount of climbing when I'm out for a couple of hours. I have been checking out some new roads I've never ridden, and this morning found a short but intense 13% incline! There's one for the training calendar!
It was an overcast morning but when I checked the radar before leaving it looked good; things change over the course of two hours, and I found myself riding in some rain about 8 miles from the car. Not a bad rain, a very refreshing rain, kind of like drinking a 7Up after cutting the grass.
Made it back to the car and managed to get in a little over 38 miles today. Happy with that, the goal was 35. Also bringing my average speed back up a bit at a time. Still feeling the effects of being off the bike for three weeks, it takes a while to recover. I think I am a little dry though; even though I tried to push it today, my heart rate averaged in the upper 140's; that's high for me.
Anyways, it's a three-day weekend so I hope to get a lot more miles in in the next two days.
Be blessed, be safe.

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