Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 August 2010

Heading out this morning to do some strength work; I will leave my bike in a hard gear (like a single-speed) and ride up and down a course of hills for 15 miles. It's tough, and I've only done it once before, but I think I can tell a difference. I did it last week and then took a couple of days off the bike, then when I rode on Saturday I felt and rode better than I have in a long time.
Went for a ride on Monday and was having a great time, but it was Labor Day and that meant a few things: people were off work, and kids were out of school. Traffic was terrible! Add to that, I got harassed by a carload of young bucks who thought it was funny to yell and throw stuff at a cyclist. I am happy to say that my local sheriff's department was not so amused. We'll see how this unfolds. I guess I still had a great ride, and the deputy and I laughed about the idea of all those cars going by and thinking "that fat guy on the bike is getting a speeding ticket!"
Very excited about today's ride for another reason: I have a new set of hoops on layaway and my favorite LBS, and I am going to get them today! It's a set of Easton wheels, aero aluminum (this heavyweight isn't ready to shell out the green for carbon wheels yet!) profile, and probably half the weight of my current wheels. I am far from being a "weight-weenie," but a lighter wheel means less rotating weight and should spin up easier and help me with my climbing. We'll see how things go.
I don't have but two hobbies, and they're both time consuming: cycling and hunting. Hunting season for me opens next week and I am looking forward to sitting in a tree for hours on end. I think I'll wear my Garmin heart monitor just to see what spotting a deer does for my heart.
More later, keep hammering.
Be blessed, be safe.

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