Monday, August 9, 2010

9 August 2010

Back in the saddle today! I wasn't fast (of course!) but I got out and did almost 25 miles after being off the bike for three weeks. It felt good to be back out on the road, in spite of early morning traffic. I parked at the dam and rode up the lake to Panorama Point, came back, and rode across the dam and back. Hope to get back out there Friday morning and add a few more miles to it. Trying not to overdo it, will add about 10%, or 2.5 miles, per recommendation of the "experts." I have to build my miles back up, and get my weight down, to be ready for 2011 Assault on Mt. Mitchell. Yes, I am in fact thinking that far ahead.
A little closer goal though, would be the MS 150 from Camden, SC to Sunset Beach, NC the last weekend in October. It's a two-day ride to raise money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I thoroughly enjoy big group rides, and it is icing on the cake when the ride is for such a good cause.
The weekend before the MS 150 also holds some fun: the Children's Chance Night Owl Ride, an all-nighter (from 8p-8a) on a closed course in Columbia,SC. Another fundraiser, this event will raise money for cancer causes. Did this last year and had a blast!
Started a couple of days ago, now getting on the treadmill (a most boring device) and trying to run some. The t'mill has six programs differing in intensity and I hope to work my way through them until I am able to run at least a couple of miles. No desire to do marathons or IronMans, or anything like that, just want to get into better shape and hopefully quit feeling like such an old man! Just finished 20 minutes followed by some push ups and crunches, and will go walk two miles with my wife after dinner. Weight today is 262.5 pounds.
Be blessed, be safe.


Kathrin said...

Glad to see that you are back at it! ;-)

I have the Breakaway to the Beach on my "race" schedule too, but I am just not sure if that's going to be a good idea with my half marathon coming up the month after and besides, time for fundraising is already kinda running out..

Mike said...

Yea, I don't know that I'll raise any funds, I'll probably pay most of it myself. Tax-deductable good time!