Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 January 2009

It's the last day of the month and I am at less than half of the 500 miles per month it will take for me to hit 6k this year; quite all right, weather being what it is I will easily make up for it in the spring. This morning however, it is in the 20's and I have ZERO intention of getting outside on a bicycle! Instead, I thought I'd update my blog while my kerosene heater knocks the chill off the garage and I can get a few miles in before church.
I'm getting excited, I received my registration number so I can register for the 2010 Assault on Mt. Mitchell in May. I have been trying to get some base miles in and drop some weight before the first training ride March 6th; as I said earlier, not so many miles, but, I have managed to drop 15 pounds or so. I am only two weeks into an eight week program (at the gym where my wife trains), so I don't get to excited about early weight loss. It's really after the first two weeks that I struggle to stick with the plan. But for now I'm doing well so we'll go with that. It'll be nice to carry less of me up the mountains I train on, and ultimately, Mt. Mitchell.
Let's all stay at it folks, and continue gaining ground (and for me, losing weight!).
Be blessed, be safe.

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