Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 January 2009

Gee, the first month of the new year is nearing its close, and I have not been riding or writing very much. Between putting in some extra hours at work and suffering through a saddle ailment, the bike has just been collecting dust lately. I'll get on it later tonight, though. My wife has a recumbent stationary bike in the garage now, so we'll go out and pop in a disc from season 13 of ER and pedal through a couple of commercial-free episodes.
We have also been making some food adjustments; the gym she goes to is doing a challenge in which we are participating, and this week we are in "detox" mode. Cut out just about ALL refined sugars and carbs and making better food choices with smaller portions. Also, it has us eating something about every three hours or so. First couple of days was terrible, I was starving! It's getting better though, and we are really enjoying some of the food. (REAL food, not powdered and packaged stuff!) I am already seeing some weight loss, but cutting my coffee back from two pots to one cup a day has had me feeling sluggish!
Now 17 weeks out from the 2010 Assault on Mt. Mitchell, and the weight loss is only part of the preparation, of course. Wanting to get miles in, but the weather doesn't always want to cooperate with my schedule. It's either cold, wet, or both. So, I just need to dress better. For a Christmas present, my wife bought me a pair of Hincapie Arenberg Bib Knickers. I was kind of happy to try them on (in my usual size) and find I needed a smaller size! I like Hincapie Sportsware's stuff, they made my favorite jersey. But, here's the rub, not just with Hincapie, but with all cycling clothing makers: they are all designed for guys proportioned like a pro rider. With the shorts, the band at the bottom of the leg is too loose and hits me about the middle of the knee. I like the length of the knickers, but the band is loose, because it hits me too low (the problem is NOT my legs, these engines are AWESOME!) I guess my question is this: does anyone make cycling clothing for guys who are as wide as they are tall? I am 5'9" and want to weigh less than 170 pounds, but for now, I don't. Any ideas?
I need some warm clothing because not only am I trying to ride now, but the training rides for AOMM start in the SC upstate on March 6th and it will still be chilly up there. We will March on Caesar's Head on the 6th and do the punishing Marquis de Sade on the 27th; getting excited about this!
Anyway,riding this keyboard won't help me on the bike, so I guess I had better saddle up and get pedaling.
Be blessed, be safe.

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