Thursday, April 9, 2009

9 April 2009

Think I'll ramble a little today...
I blew a tire Saturday on White Oak Mountain, shredded it, really. No spares to be had, but I knew I was headed to the beach on Sunday. Grand Strand Bicycles is open on Monday, so I could stop by and grab a couple, while bending Tim's ear about tires and gearing. Decided to go with the Michelin Lithion 700x25, I tire I had been using and was pleased with. The tires on my bike at purchase were Specialized Pro All Condition, heavy and with tread. I came home Tuesday night and mounted both tires with the hopes of hitting the road on Wednesday before work. Wednesday was really windy and I thought my ride would not mean much numerically but would otherwise be a good workout; I couldn't believe it! Between recovering from Saturday's mountain ride and the new tires, my average speed increased from 16.7mph to 18.3mph on a very similar route. These are numbers akin to what I was approaching before the weather chilled last year and brought me inside. So, with new rubber between me and the pavement, I am ready to cover some ground, that is, until it starts pointing straight up!
That's where today's ride comes in: on workdays, I am keeping it in the garage (though it's getting a bit warm for that) and "slogging." That's my word for hopping on the trainer and doing intervals where for 5 minutes I pedal in a gear where I can hold my cadence in the low 80's, then for 5 minutes I throw it into the hardest gear and I "slog." Cadence drops to the 40's but man, what a workout!
Only 39 days till the '09 AOMM. Training harder than ever and still trying to drop a few pounds. I think I have my "on-bike" nutrition figured out and I am looking forward to going for it.
Be blessed, be safe.

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