Saturday, April 18, 2009

18 April 2009

What a glorious day! Went back to White Oak Mountain (outside of Tryon, NC) and climbed over it! Well, okay, I walked for a quarter-mile or so; I climbed MOST of it! What a tough hill. Even while walking, my heart rate was in the upper 140's! But, we made it to the top, and even with walking, I was only 15 minutes behind my brother (who's a MUCH better, MUCH lighter cyclist than I), and enjoyed one of the most majestic views I have ever seen in the Appalachians. Unfortunately, I left my phone in the car, so I had to post with a photo I actually took last trip, and it falls way short. I'll make it up in the near future. The trip down was a hang-on hoot, but it didn't last. We rode the river valley to Saluda, NC and there was a good bit of climbing involved there, as well. Stopped in Saluda for water and headed back to Tryon at a wonderful downhill speed. I am not a good climber, heck, I am not a good cyclist, but I always, always enjoy riding in the hills, checking out the Lord's art work. We stood on the mountain overlooking I-26 and thought about how many times we had passed this way on the interstate and never knew what all was off the highway and just up the hill. Amazing.
Be blessed, be safe.

My rednblack riding rig.

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