Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Night Tri-City Ride

Back to Cayce tonight for the Tri-City Ride, an awesome bunch of folks to hammer with. This is my last decent effort until this coming Monday when I will once again attempt to summit Mt. Mitchell. It's time to actively rest, hydrate, and store carbs. I will spin a little each day through the weekend to keep my legs loose, and hopefully be ready when the flag drops at 0630, Monday morning.
I don't feel prepared for this, and at the same time an excitement is welling up within me. I think there's a lot of (I hate to sound so "hippie") positive energy in the air because everyone else is so excited and looking forward to doing his/her best. This is a very difficult ride, I've heard it's in the top ten of tough rides in America, and just to finish is a major accomplishment.
I WILL FINISH. How quickly, I just don't know. But I will be just as happy at the end of the day as that lightweight hammer that finished in less than five hours.
I have numerous friends and acquaintances, as well as my brother, riding the AOMM, and to each of you, Godspeed, safety, and success!
Be blessed, be safe.

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