Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Week Later

Other than the "Ride of Silence" last Wednesday, which is a wonderful event which I heartily endorse, I have not ridden since the AOMM. Until tonight. Got back out there with the Tri-City Cyclists and had a great time. Feeling good kind of came and went, but I was pleased with how I rode, covering 23.5 miles in about 1:45 (that includes regroups, etc.). Only downside is I popped another spoke. The Eastons I am running are supposed to have no weight limit and the guys at my LBS insist this is not the issue, but I am not convinced. I am heavy and strong, and sometimes I think I am more than these wheels can handle. For now.
When I did the AOMM last year, I was about 40 pounds lighter and had spent more time in the hills preparing for it. This year, heavier with less training. Same amount of miles, but if you want to do well in the hills, you must spend time in the hills. Period. So after coming home from AOMM and enjoying a couple of celebratory meals, I kicked in and have been making some serious changes in my eating habits. Greatly reduced the amount of sugar, salt, and fat in my diet; and instead of eating three larger meals a day, I am eating five to six small meals a day. I also cut way back on the Coca-Colas which I love. In the last six days I have dropped 12 pounds and can feel it. Now, I know this won't last, the loss will taper off soon, but I'll enjoy it while I can and count it as encouragement to continue. Remember, if I weigh 200 or more next year, I will not ride but instead serve in some support capacity. Either way I'll have a great time, but I'd live to see a sub-9 hour time, maybe even sub-8 hour before I turn 50.
Normally, after a ride like the AOMM, I'd be poring over data collected along the route by my Garmin Edge 705; that would not be the case this year. Something fritzed and I lost all the info on my computer. I contacted Garmin and they were great, walked me through several attempts to restore things, and then had me paackage it up and send it to them. I am expecting either a replacement or my repaired unit back any day now. I really appreciate their customer service.
Be blessed, be safe.

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Kathrin said...

Booyah! You really kick started your weighloss journey.

Sorry to hear about the Garmin... I depend on technology way too much and thinking about loosing all my data makes me antsy.

Have a great day.