Monday, May 30, 2011

A Thankful Memorial Day To You!

I am thankful today and every day for the men and women who serve in the greatest military force in the world. Throughout our history, the American military has defended the vulnerable and innocent and never sought by might to increase our borders. They have sacrificed to give and preserve freedom to so many who might not otherwise ever taste freedom. They bid their families farewell and many went and gave their very lives for strangers. God bless each of them and their families who miss them. And thank you.
Celebrated my Memorial Day with a bike ride, of course, one where I rode where I wanted to and was not stopped at the first checkpoint and ordered at gunpoint to present my "papers." We don't live like that here. I have a nice bike that I worked hard and paid for myself and I pedaled it through beautiful countryside without seeing any bombed-out shells of buildings or destroyed military vehicles. This is a wonderful place.
Rode a little slower today, not that I meant to; cruised out to Bonk City and back, 44.88 miles at 15.2 mph average. Pushed it hard (for me) yesterday and I guess I am still tired. I am trying to lose some (a lot!) weight and am not eating as much so the stores are not there. But, each time I saddle up I am carrying a little less weight, so it's worth it.
I hope you all enjoy your day today, doing whatever you do to revel in your freedom.
Be blessed, be safe.

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