Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 April 2010

I'm pretty happy that the weather continues to warm; left home this morning at 9am and rode for nearly 7 hours in awesome sunshine! Did 103 miles, all the way around Lake Murray, with a dogleg over to Batesburg-Leesville just to get my full century in. With Mt. Mitchell only six weeks from this coming Monday, I want to get all the riding in that I can. After the Marquis de Sade two weeks ago, I have become convinced that I can get to the Parkway in time and will finish the ride, so now I'd like to improve on that time; I don't know, maybe I can do it in less than 10 hours...
In all honesty, I'll just be happy to finish it, to roll through that timer at the top will be satisfaction enough. Still, I am going to work on my look when I cross the line, maybe the "pistol" like Contador
or the "glasses" like Cavendish.
Actually, I'll probably end up crying like Haussler.
(Not to take away from that young man, I was excited for him when he won the stage and look forward to seeing him this year).Whataya think?
Be blessed, be safe.

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