Sunday, September 21, 2008

21 September 2008

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, but I think it is here already. The mornings have been wonderfully cool, down in the 60's, and feeling great. My daughter wanted to spend last night with her Gami after we all had dinner last night, so my wife left our girl and her car over there. I decided then that I would ride over this morning on my bike before worship and get the car and my girl.
I love this time of year, any time of year when the seasons are changing. There's a slight chill in the air that makes me wonder if I really want to ride a bike or not. The first 15-20 minutes are a bit cool, but being the Clydesdale that I am, I warm up pretty quick. I was able to turn my 13 mile trip this morning into a 25 mile trip, and some of the roads I chose were very much in line with the whole "Fall" thing; cool, hilly like the foothills, I'd heat up climbing them, and get chilly flying down the other side. Years ago when I drove an 18-wheeler, we called this "dragonfly;" you were draggin' up one side so you could fly down the other.
So, I had a great ride, picked up my girl, and headed home so we could get ready for church and go worship the One that makes these beautiful Fall mornings. I hope you know Him and how much He cares for you, and wants to join you on your ride through this life. Be blessed, and thank Jesus for it.

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