Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 September 2008

I started early this morning so I could ride through town. When I go that route before all the cars get flowing, I remember why I wanted to live in Lexington. Before 8am (on the weekend), it is still a small, southern town, bathed in peace and quiet. There's not enough peace and quiet anymore. Populations, even in our small town, seem to be so dense (I'm talking numbers, not intelligence here) and everyone is so busy; I would bet that if you sat at any intersection in my town and watched cars, over half the drivers would be on cell phones. With the price of gas nowadays and the risk of driving while on the phone, why don't more people just sit on a porch or at a kitchen table and have these same conversations, perhaps face-to-face over a cup of coffee?
I digress,please forgive me. Anyway, I had a fantastic morning riding through my small town, to the edge of a peaceful lake, and around some of its shore through remaining farmlands, back to my home which most of the time is a bastion of placidity. I wish everyone the peace I feel this morning. God bless you all.

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