Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 October2008

It's been over two weeks since I've posted, guess that says alot about how much I have been riding- NONE! Acutally, I did ride last Monday, 12.42 miles with my pastor. Every time I would stand up to climb, or brake aggressively, the front wheel made some strange pinging noises. So, being the experienced roadie that I am, I took the wheel off and promptly carried it to my local bike shop, Harrell's Cycle World in Columbia, SC (highly recommended!), because I didn't have a clue. Paul builds a pretty good wheel, though, and I get it back today. Hopefully this afternoon will involve a spin.
When I dropped my wheel off, I bought one of those tools to check chain wear, because I am a big boy and I try to do a lot of climbing (getting ready for Assault on Mt. Mitchell, 2009). So, I am now buying a couple of chains when I pick my wheel up. It's always something, but the benefits of cycling far outweigh its costs.
Be careful, and be blessed.

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