Monday, August 3, 2009

3 August 2009

Another good ride today, did 54+ miles without dismounting! I did stop a couple of times, had to pick up my water bottles! I don't know what the deal is, something involving strange physics, but the combination of hard bumps in the road and my spare bottle holder mounted behind the seat post, throws one of the two bottles off. I have some of the new Camelbak bottles I bought from the Garmin-Slipstream website (love'em!) so I won't just leave them lying there by the road. Besides, that's littering, and there's too much of that already.
I stopped to pick up some litter today. I often see change lying in or beside the road, but it's not worth stopping for. However, today I was working my way up a long grade (not an easy task for this Clydesdale!) and saw a dollar lying next to the road. Okay, I'll stop for paper money. Had to turn around, but when I went back, ole George had company! Found four dollars lying beside a country road! Felt pity for the rightful owner but had no way to find who it was. So, I will contribute it to a small local endurance team. What that really means is, I am going to Taco Bell! Just another of the many benefits of cycling!

Something else that encourages me is other cyclist/bloggers. For instance, the Fat Cyclist always makes me smile. (He's more than just a torso, though!)Check him out at My heart breaks for him right now though. His wife Susan has cancer and has not been doing so well lately. But Fatty has stayed by her side and taken care of her, and has lived out "for better or worse, till death do us part." Pray for Fatty, it's time for some of the encouragement he has sent out to go back to him and lift him up. God bless Fatty and Susan!
Someone else that encourages me is Charisa Wernick.
I have never had the good fortune to meet her, she lives on the other side of our great nation, but she is a triathlete that blogs. Somehow she has found my little corner of the interweb and on occasion will drop me a note that helps me keep pedaling. Thanks Charisa! She does a great job on her blog keeping us up to speed on her training (this girl does Ironman competitions!) and her life. You can, and should, look for her at
So, my life is good, but it's not my doing. It's due to God who loves me, and loves me enough to cause my life to overlap with the lives of wonderful people, some of whom I may never meet in this lifetime. I am grateful.
Be blessed, be safe.

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