Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 August 2009

Went for a ride today and saw this cool cactus growing wild beside the road. It reminded me of ribbon candy, something always around our house at Christmas. I have the great pleasure of seeing many interesting things as I pedal through the Good Country that is the midlands of South Carolina. A lot of folks want to complain about my home state for different reasons: education, Confederate flag, etc. If this place doesn't suit you, just keep looking. Every interstate highway that will bring you to SC will take you right back out of it. If you want to come here and live your life this is a great place. Here in the midlands, we have much history as well as plenty of other things to offer; three hours west- mountains! Three hours east- beautiful beaches. We have got it going on! Still not as biker friendly as I'd like, but some hard working people are making a lot of progress.
This is a photo of just an ordinary swamp, nothing special. I ride past it on occasion, it's near a small farm full of smells that might turn some off, but tell me I am in the country! I love getting out here and seeing what I can see as I work to improve my physical condition. I think an interesting side-effect of my self-prescribed therapy is a boost to my mental health. I hope I am still doing this forty years from now. 'Course, I hope all this farm land is not developed forty years from now.
Be blessed, be safe.

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