Thursday, May 28, 2009

28 May 2009

Wow, May is almost over and I will not make my goal of 500 miles this month. So, as consolation for myself, I thought I could at least ride more miles than last May. For some time now I have wanted to ride all the way around Lake Murray, and decided yesterday would be a good day for that. Checked the weather several times, cloudy but no rain, that's what "they" said. When I left the house, it was grey and felt like it could rain, but with my trust in the weather folks I rolled out. I got about 50 miles out and it began to come down. Not too bad, just enough to cool things off. I made my way to a C-store for Gatorade and a sandwich and as I stood there, it never quit; and neither would I. I was determined not to call the wife and have her bring the car. Back on the bike, I headed toward home, catching big spray off the log trucks rolling by. Things went pretty well till I got about 5 miles from home- then, the bottom fell out! It was, in the words of Chuck Swindoll, a real "frog-strangler!" I couldn't see with or without my glasses so I had to ease them down and peek between them and my helmet. I made it home just fine, satisfied that I had done what I set out to do. After a hot bath and a hot meal, I was good to go. But sore.
Be blessed, be safe.

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