Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 June 2009

Wow, hard to believe we're already more than a week into June. The older I get, the faster time flies, it seems.
May recap: 2009 AOMM behind me; DNF, but did WAY better than last year. But, in spite of getting all those miles in one day, I was unable to outdo last May's mileage. I think it's because I backed off the training the week leading up to it and then didn't feel like riding much the week after. Gotta do better this month.
I have managed to get in over 100 miles this month already, thanks in a large part to another 80-miler around Lake Murray. I enjoy this ride and want to do it weekly, but will not this week because of the Tour de Cure fundraiser on Saturday. I hope to make it my second century since I have taken up cycling. It is a fundraiser for the American Diabete Association to help fund research to prevent and cure diabetes, a very present malady in our world. If anyone would like to help, you may go to the following link and make a donation: http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR/TourdeCure/TDC164108030?px=4248066&pg=personal&fr_id=5585 (just copy and paste to your browser), and thank you very much!
Be blessed, be safe.

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