Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8 October 2008

Yesterday on the phone, my brother reminded me that November would be here soon, as would the 2009 Tour de Camden. I have not been riding as much as I need to so decided to get on it. Tomorrow.
Well, today is tomorrow, if you follow my thinking, so I planned on trying to get a high-quality ride in today. However, the weather had other plans. Rather than getting 30 miles from home and having the bottom fall out on me, I left my road bike hanging and pulled down my mountain bike. This is a page I pulled from my brother's playbook. Hammer hard on a heavy bike for awhile, do some uphill sprints, and get a few miles in; then, when you pull out the ol' road bike, instead of 20+ pounds, it feels like 10 pounds!
Off I go, foreboding clouds above and lots of neighborhoods around me, I hammered away and knocked down over 25 miles. I am exhausted now, but a little more ready for TdC. Last year I averaged 17.77mph, I'd love to improve that this year.
Be careful, be blessed.

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