Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not A Bad Week

It is summertime in South Carolina! When we rolled out of the parking lot for the Tuesday evening ride, it was an even 100 degrees! It has gotten a little crazy around here, weather-wise, and if you don't get your ride in early, you may not get to ride. Fortunately for me, my schedule allows me to roll out at daybreak several mornings a week, which is what I did this morning.
Left the house at 0630 when it was probably 70 degrees; lit out for my usual stomping grounds and got to stomping. Things went better than normal this morning, however. I averaged close to a full mph faster than usual. I asked myself why, because I really haven't been doing anything obviously different. I think it's this: I am becoming a better climber by being more conscious of my technique and actively trying to pedal in circles. By pushing and pulling the pedals through a complete stroke, I am producing more power to go up a little faster, and increasing my endurance when I have to go a little longer. By getting up the hills a little quicker, my average doesn't take a beating like it used to. And to be honest, I'm feeling better about my riding. To me, that's what it's all about: riding better today than I did yesterday.
Be blessed, be safe.
p.s. Ended my week with 120.97 miles.

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Aaron said...

Man, that Tuesday ride was a killer. I tried my hand with the A group. Not the best night for it and struggled towards the end.

Sounds like you are riding strong. Keep it up!