Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minor Improvements Are Still Improvements

It's Tuesday once again, where does the time go? I don't mind Tuesday getting here quickly though, because that means it's time to ride with Tri-City! I was excited last week because I almost hit 17 mph average on the route, thought I did well; this week I DID hit 17 mph average and felt great! Haven't weighed in lately, it's time, but it just felt good out there, I am feeling stronger, lighter, and faster.
One minor hiccup though, I have an open blister on a very tender spot for a cyclist; gotcha, it's not what you thought! I've been working in my yard and have a blister in the palm of my right hand almost the size of a dime. Everything I do to to it makes it feel like it's on fire, such as leaning on handlebars! And the worst thing to try to make it feel better is lidocaine creme; like dropping a red-hot coal in my hand! Oh, well, the price I pay to make my yard a little nicer. Maybe one day soon I won't be embarrassed to invite some folks over to ride and cookout; the day is coming!
Until then, be blessed and be safe!

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