Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 March 2011

This is what my ride felt like today. Wanted to get a metric century (100k=62.5miles)in, but was getting flogged by the 20mph winds. Several times I had to actually pedal just to go downhill! Enjoy a good workout as much as the next guy, but a flogging still hurts; so, decided I'd make a right at my 20-mile mark and head for home. Made that right and the excitement began! Spokes popping! Broke two spokes on the rear wheel and had to call the SAG wagon. Better to call it in that have to replace a wheel.
Saddest part of this whole episode is this: the 8-mile ride home would have been mostly downhill with this brutal wind at my back pushing me the whole way. I would have been rolling! Such is life.
Anyhow, my bike is at my favorite LBS (Harrell's Bicycle World) getting the wheel repaired and a couple of non-priorities taken of. Back in the road on Saturday!
Be blessed, be safe!


Kathrin said...

Same here... The wind was brutal. It's sure good training, but sometimes "just" riding would be fun!

Aaron said...

We have had some rough winds out here too. Tough riding, don't blame you.