Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 January 2011

Still hammering every day, up to day 66 now! Been fighting a cold since Christmas Eve so I've not quite had the strength I think I should have had. Hard to ride hard when you cannot breathe!
Massaged the calendar a bit today, working out my schedule for the coming year. I have done some great rides in the past and look forward to repeating them this year. Something I do want to add this year: I want to find a ride I can volunteer for, to support. There are always wonderful people at ride departures, rest stops, and waiting at the end, I feel like I owe it to the sport to give back a little in this way. Any ideas?
Another New Year's "resolution" was to lose some weight. I do okay to take it off, it's keeping it off that is the problem. I lost a good chunk of blubber early last year, but once I finished Mt. Mitchell, I lost all motivation and regained it. Need to find something this year that clicks and helps me stay lighter.
Y'all keep turning the pedals and so will I.
Be blessed, be safe.


Kathrin said...

Hello... Happy New Year to you too. Great job to workout 66 consecutive days.

I decided to also do Mt Mitchell this year. Have you already heard when it's going to be this year?

Mike said...

2011 Assault on Mt. Mitchell is on Monday, May 16th. You can do it!