Monday, January 31, 2011

31 January 2011

These are exciting times! I will wake up tomorrow and register for the 2011 Assault on Mt. Mitchell. I am going to bed tonight having achieved my goal of 500 miles for the month of January. I have ridden at least 30 minutes EVERY day for the last 92 days. Good things are happening in my little bicycle universe.
Mt. Mitchell has become the highlight of my biking year. So much so, that after I made it last year, I didn't care what happened the rest of the year. That was a mistake that, even though I had some good times, cost me dearly. I had worked hard to lose 30+ pounds and once I hit my goal, I lost my focus and before you know it, I had re-gained the weight. Blah! That's why, this year, I will have several rides as goals to keep working toward and keep focused on.
I managed to ride 500 miles this past month. That's always a great month for me. It cost me, though; I had to ride about 200 miles in the last 9 days to make it. That kind of mileage sucks out loud on a trainer. I'll set my February goal at 400 because probably all of it will be trainer miles. When March rolls around and I start getting outside, perhaps I'll be able to get some serious miles then. Perhaps this is the year I hit 6000 miles.
Back in November, I decided I would see how many consecutive days I could ride, at least for 30 minutes. That was 1194 miles ago; turns out, I am tired. I have decided now that I would make it to 100 days and cease to ride every day. I have not taken the time to rest, recover, and heal, and I can see it in my performance. The experiment was well worth it, though. I think I have learned much and become a better rider for it. I am looking forward to reaping my reward when I hit the road this spring.
So, a large part of what I do (and probably, what you do) involves goals. Let's all set goals beyond our reach and then work hard to smoke them! Here's to a great 2011!
Be blessed, be safe.


Kathrin said...

Hey Mike! Are you already registered?? ;-)

I'll take the plunge as well this year and I am already a little scared! I just made it to 215 miles in January, but fortunately, some of it was outside!

Great job on riding every day!

Mike said...

Hi Kathrin, yes, first thing this morning, very excited about it! No need to be scared, just focus on your goal and go for it. Fortunately for you, you are in the hills where you and train on some tough climbs. Go for it, and thanks for the encouragement!