Monday, February 22, 2010

22 February 2010

"Every ride is a training ride for Mt. Mitchell."
Throughout the month of February, my Monday training has been the CTS "Climbing II" DVD, and things are going well. This thing has obviously been a huge help in developing my strength and technique for getting up the hills. Yesterday was an eye opener with the way I was able to handle some of the hills we encountered. I'm not bragging; many's the rider that could still spank me on those hills. I race no one but myself, and I am please with the improvements I am showing. Maybe one day, so look out!
Back to the CTS DVD:
02/01/2010- 17.27 miles @17.3/26.7mph with heart rates of 139/166bpm, cadence of 80rpm.
02/22/2010- 17.45 miles @17.4/27.1mph with heart rates of 131/155bpm, cadence of 82rpm.
Greater distance (not much, but still greater!), faster speeds, and higher cadence, all with a lower heart rate. Unless I am wrong about this, that tells me I am becoming more efficient, getting more done with less effort. Any comments?
Be blessed, be safe.

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