Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13 October 2009

Been a full week since I've been on the bike, but I don't think I've suffered for it. Did 34+ miles today at the same speed I've been riding, that's good. However, I have flatted the last two times out. Last Tuesday I picked up a tiny piece of wire that made my back tire squishy about a mile from the finish of the group ride. A shot of CO2 got me back to the car so I could repair the tire in the comfort of my own garage.
Today, not so. I hit something and the air rushed out with a bang, only two miles from the house and the end of my ride. I'd actually been waiting for this moment. I keep everything on my bike to do such a fix. For a fleeting moment I was tempted to call the wife to SAG me out, but stopped myself. "You've got the stuff, now get to it!"
So, on the side of the road, I flipped the bike over and got to it. New tube, check. CO2, check. Dollar bill to boot the hole, check. Five minutes later, I am on my way home. Minimal delay.
I am a nurse and like my environment clean when I do a procedure. I was concerned with doing a tube change roadside (grass, dirt, etc.) but this ain't nursin'. This is cycling, get'er done! I am sure the CO2 didn't get the tire up to the pressure my weight requires, and I felt every bump as I rolled over the dollar bill boot, but I finished my ride, and that's what matters.
Be blessed, be safe.

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