Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 September 2009

In case you don't know, this little guy is Wakko Warner, one of Spielberg's "Animaniacs". My cycling motto is a quote from Wakko: "My bottom hurts!" (in a somewhat British accent). Went out last night to participate in an all-night fundraiser for Children's Chance and the LiveStrong Foundation called "Kickin' Cancer Night Owl Ride. A 1.4 mile loop crossing the Congaree River on the Gervais Street bridge was blocked off and riders were free to go for it from 8pm Friday night until 8am this morning. But, alas, my bottom could only take so much. I did not make it till sunup, but I am very happy to say I have a new personal best for distance, 105.1 miles in a single event!! Paying for it today though; now, where was that ibuprofen?!
Even though this is the first year for this ride, it was extremely well organized and had something for everyone. My family came with me for the pre-ride goings-on and had a ball. There was food, games, music, and some local celebrities such as Cocky, the USC mascot, and Zig the Pig!
This is my son, a fan of Carolina football and Cocky.
While I realize he is a chicken, Cocky is still somewhat of a ham. Very gracious to pose for lots of photos, he even decided he would try to participate in the bike ride. In the interest of safety, I tried to loan him my helmet, but the rooster has a big head!
He makes a valiant attempt but cannot get them big ole chicken feet to clip in. Cocky is relegated to spectator status, but makes one heck of a cheerleader. Thanks for hanging with us, Cocky!
This is my little girl with Zig the Pig. She is not a Cocky fan, and especially chapped the chicken when she had a Clemson Tiger paw painted on her face.
As I said, I was unable to ride the whole night, bailed out about 5am, but had to at least hang around till sunrise. Out of the 70 that started, only 9 finished, but finished strong! The guy who won the prize for most miles did it with a whopping 184.2 miles! WOW, gotta admire that endurance! And I cannot fail to mention George, a 77-year-old gentleman who rode all night and finished showing 102 miles, but... after stopping for a break at some point during the night, he forgot to re-start his computer for 20-30 minutes, quite possibly giving him 108-110 miles! At 77 years YOUNG!! I actually met George two years ago training in the Greenville Watershed; we stopped on the state line for a break and I was impressed with his age. We got back on the bikes and that was the last I saw of him, he was GONE.
It was a great night, but a long night. I let the organizers know that if they didn't change a thing, I would still come back and do it again next year. An awesome time was had by all, even though multiple parts of my body are in pain today.
Get yourself out and have some fun for a good cause sometime. And what could be better than helping kids with cancer?
Be blessed, be safe.

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