Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 Leaf Tour

I went to Tigerville today and got my butt kicked in the 2008 Leaf Tour sponsored by the Greenville Spinners Bike Club. It wasn't a race, I am just in no shape to be riding in the hills! A big "hats off" to Ken Drescher and his crew for doing such a great job supporting the ride.
It started if kind of nasty, about 59 degrees and wet. Off and on misting/raining,the first ten miles or so were not good. But as the day wore on, the weather cleared and we finished up at 72 degrees and beautiful blue mountain skies!
We left Tigerville Elementary School and rode out toward Table Rock, with a couple of GOOD climbs, to Aunt Sue's on Hwy 11 where we all enjoyed a great lunch. That cup of chili was what I needed to get me back!
The return trip through Slater meant old-fashioned hand-made milkshakes at Slater's Drug Store. Neat store and excellent shake!
So, overall, my cyclometer registered 49 miles at 13.51mph, with a maximum speed of 37.95mph (fatboy loves a downhill!! Woo-hoo!!). Great ride, but in the past I have been using a product called Perpetuem and didn't have any for this ride. I had a little difficulty making it back to Tigerville because my legs were weak and wanted to cramp. All I could do was spin up the hills in low gear. BUT... I finished the ride and was not the last one back into the parking lot which is my ONLY goal when I ride. I am too heavy and too old to think I am getting out front and staying there.
I call this ride a smashing success because although I got tired and wet, I finished, I enjoyed the company I was in, and any day on a bicycle is a great day.
Be safe, be blessed.

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