Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011

Yes, I hate the fact that I crashed; if I could go back and re-live that day, I'd roll over and go back to sleep. But, it happened, move on. The one major silver lining of that black cloud is this: it happened two days before the start of this year's Tour de France. Now if you get handed lemons, that's some pretty good lemonade! I have been able to watch every minute of the most epic race ever and then some. It has been full of mayhem, pain, and surprise, every step of the way. Every time a rider went down, and that's happened quite often, I would get a twinge in my own broken collar bone. Fortunately, or not, I will be returning to work on Thursday, three stages away from Paris; pray my DVR functions properly.
Even with the Tour on, it has still been a long three weeks. The first week I had to sleep (or try to) semi-reclined on my sofa, unable to lay flat and breathe at the same time. I felt like breathing may have been the priority here. Every little move would jostle my shoulder and feel like I was being run through with a sword. The second week went better, with decreasing pain and a trip to the ortho doc. I went in to ask him for surgery and he showed me my x-ray which said surgery was not an option. Imagine if you will, the clavicle divided into thirds; now imagine the middle third shattered into four or five pieces. Add to that, unable to comfirm by x-ray but based on my symptoms, one or more cracked/broken ribs. I am breathing normally now, but still unable to complete a sneeze. Time heals all wounds, back for follow-up films in a couple of weeks to ensure everything is healing properly.
So what does one do with all this down-time, other than study the Tour? Work on the weight loss goal for next year's Assault on Mt. Mitchell. I have not been exerting myself so there's no good reason to continue to eat as normal. Based on needs for basic metabolism, that is, what the body needs calorie-wise just to sit still, I have been taking in around 100 calories about every hour. That has shown some success, I have dropped 5 pounds in the last two weeks and I am feeling full with smaller amounts. The one fear I have is that the weight lost may be muscle rather than fat, so today I start easing back into exercising with some time on the treadmill. My plan, with the doc's approval of course, is to get back on the trainer August 1st, and back on the road two weeks later. I think I'll go ride with the folks in Cayce, I have missed them.
If I am to get back on the road soon, I'll be needing to get my gear in order. I have already bought a new helmet, a Bell Volt. I need to order new nose-pieces for my glasses as one of them became dislodged in the scuffle. And of course, my bike; a trip to Harrell's for a tip-to-tail once-over and I'll be good to go. Mentally, I know it may be sketchy once I get out there, but I am anxiously looking forward to riding again. Soon. You can bet I'll be more cautious in the turns.
Be blessed, be safe.


Aaron said...

Hope to see you back on the road soon. Don't worry about losing muscle mass. Long ways until Mitchell and you're going to lose some fitness anyway from the downtime. Glad to hear you are losing weight, which will make getting back on the bike that much easier.

Kathrin said...

Great job keeping up your weight loss with the injury and the downtime. Other than that, sounds you are making a little progress... How does working even work right now, I doubt that you have full use of the hand with the fracture hmmmm?