Sunday, February 20, 2011

20 February 2011

Wow, it's been a weird February. Been seeing temps in the 70's, some beautiful riding weather. So, starting to swap out those trainer miles for the real McCoy: road miles! Went out yesterday with the group at Dutch Fork and did 45 miles. Only problem was I paused my Garmin at one of the regroups and didn't start it back when we took off; lost the data for the best, fastest sustained speeds of the whole day. That's fine, I'll just go back when I can and ride it again.
It was nice to be outside. I've been able to go several times this month to the Lake Murray dam and do a circuit to Irmo, then Lexington, then back to the dam, even multiple laps on occasion. I am not as fast as I had hoped after working hard all winter, but I feel like my endurance has definitely improved. I am not flying up the hills, but I am able to maintain a steady pace up and over.
Gonna try to get to some real hills soon; want to ride out of Tryon, do White Oak and Saluda Grade as well as some others. Hills are hell, but they make a stronger cyclist which is what I need to be to go sub-9 hours for Mitchell this year.
I need to work on the long rides too, so I can keep my butt in the saddle for a long day. EMS Memorial Ride coming up in April, about 200 miles over 3 days, hope to partake in that fun feast.
Something big coming up in July that actually has nothing to do with cycling; 2011 Samoa Medical Missions trip. I went last year and had the best two weeks of my nursing career. I would like to go back this year but don't feel cleared to commit just yet. If I go, I'll need help with finances and I need to get some "housekeeping" items cleaned up. Say a little prayer for me, this is a big reason I went to nursing school, to be able to help folks.
Lot going on, lots to be done. Life is busy and I am glad that all the mental garbage I leave along the roadside is not actual, visible litter. Some drink, some dope, I ride. Good therapy!
Be blessed, be safe.

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