Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 July 2009

Been awhile since I've blogged because I have been on vacation with my family. We were blessed to be able to spend two weeks at the beach, but after an extended stay the return to reality was difficult. Between flat tires and coming home to a 90-degree house (AC quit while we were gone)and having to return to work, I was ready to go back to the beach, and fast! It's all good though; on a bad day I am still blessed.
Had a great time at the coast, lots of early morning rides with my friends from Grand Strand Bicycles around the Murrells Inlet area. The whole time I was there something was nagging me to check the mileage on my tires and I never did. The last day as I was loading everything to come home, this is what I discovered:It is (was) a Michelin Lithion 700-25 and it carried my big behind 1079.3 miles WITHOUT incident! Never flatted for any reason whatsoever. I am so pleased with these tires that it will really take something special to convince me to use another brand/type of tire.
Heading to the garage to replace my tire a little later, hopefully I'll get to ride tomorrow. A South Carolina summer can be pretty hot, so I like to get out early before it gets too hot. Also, while at the beach I bought some new bartape (white!) and I am excited to see how that looks. (Like a kid at Christmas, I am!) Got some new cleats too, the others were worn pretty well. My mechanic/coach/encourager/all-around good guy and friend Tim at Grand Strand Bicycles set me up and made some adjustments to widen the stance (I am a big guy) to help me not pedal bowlegged. Looking forward to some improvement there, we'll see how it goes.
Life is good. I am blessed to be able to get out and ride, enjoying decent health and God's creation. I think everyone should ride a bike, just to slow down and take life a little easier. There's enough stress in this world, why not throw on a helmet and chill for a little while?
Be blessed and be safe.

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